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Surfboard #1 #2 #3 - 3 piece Set

Surfboard #1 #2 #3 - 3 piece Set


One-of-a-kind surfboard collection by Erin Miller Wray and Thread Surfboards. This limited edition collection features 3 hand-painted surfboards designed intentionally to double as art for your home or wall as well as 100% shreddable surfboards. Featuring a custom color palette and original design, each board measures 6'. The boards are "Egg" shaped, created by hand from Thread Surfboards. The Egg is a fun and easy to ride board for surfers of all skill levels.


The wide and round outline makes The Egg a wave-catching machine with great down the line speed.  It has a low to mid entry rocker and low tail rocker which allows the board to carry momentum through the flat sections.  It has a reverse vee bottom countour in the front 1/4 of the board, then blends to a subtle single concave through the center and into a sprial vee out the tail, which allows for great maneuverability and lets the board go from rail to rail with ease.


*Sold as a 3-piece set. If interested in purchasing an individual board from the set, please email us stating which board you are interested in.

*Fins and leash not included but available for additional purchase.

*Due to the hand-painted craft of the boards, some brush strokes and line imperfections can be found in the artwork. Reference close-up images for more detailed visuals. 

*Outside of LA, shipping not included

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